The Youth Center at St. James
1325 Monterey Road
        South Pasadena, Ca
            (626) 799-6266

The Youth Center at St. James

The Youth Center at St. James offers a variety of academic and recreational programs to fit your childs interests and engage them in fun, enriching activities. Our program offers a wide range of things to do from arts and crafts, organized indoor/outdoor sports, games, to designated homework time. These many programs are led by our Youth Counselors which allow for a safe and fun environment. We aim to encourage teamwork, inspire creativity and support individuality. Students can suggest and participate in leading new activities.

Academic Enrichment

The Youth Center facilitates a study period for all students to not only finish their homework, but also 
ask for help from our volunteer high school tutors and staff. This time is useful for those students who 
may need to work in groups for projects or those who need help that may not be available at home. 
Accessible to the students is our computer center. These computers are prioritized for academic use.
Recreational Activities
We have many resources for recreation for the students to 
utilize during their time at the Youth Center. 

Many of these activities include but are not limited to:
- Arts and crafts (construction paper, paint, yarn for knitting, fuse beads and more!)
- Board Games (Monopoly, Scattergories, Life, Clue, playing cards and more!)
- Table games (Ping Pong, Pool, Air hockey, Foosball)
- Outdoor Sports (Basketball, Dodgeball, Street Hockey, Frisbee, Jump Rope, and more!)

In addition to everything listed above, we also aim to provide activities and games to challenge and bring students together to expand their skills while having fun. Some of these activities include, but again are not limited to:
- Cooking 
- Staff led crafts (Pumpkin decorating at Halloween, Seasonal crafts, DIY photo booth)
- Organized sports (Capture the Flag, Indoor Bowling, Indoor Dodgeball)
Getting to the Youth Center
We are located about ten minutes by foot from the middle school. Every day two staff members will escort the students from the school campus back to the Youth Center. The students are responsible for arriving on time at the front of the school and signing in with the Youth Counselors. We encourage students to keep the Youth Center phone number in their phones or backpacks in case they are running late. (626) 799-6266 

NEW College Program

Beginning in 2015,the Youth Center will offer a College Program for high school students starting in the 9th grade. This new, student-centered college preparation program strives to empower students to make the best choices for themselves as they apply to college.

We will offer workshops open to all high school students and parents (when applicable). Workshops will address some of the most pertinent topics related to college preparation and admissions and are facilitated in a supportive and engaging environment.

Additionally, 11th and 12th graders can enroll in individual sessions at an affordable price facilitated by staff with extensive college admissions experience. This component is entirely student driven by giving students the opportunity to select the most relevant counseling topics. Understanding some students need intensive and longer term counseling, while others benefit from periodic counseling, the program is intentionally flexible.

Topics on individual sessions will be decided upon by students, but may focus on things such as: college research, narrative writing, college list development, high school brag sheet, writing college essays, etc.

To receive information on the College Program, complete the Contact form.